Keeping flexible and strong for safe movement

First Move Recovery is a work-fit programme that your workforce can easily do at home and work to relieve muscle tension and fatigue from repetitive and heavy duties.

Training Approach

All First Move programmes engage workers and enable them to take responsibility for their own safety and well-being, as well as that of others.

First Move Recovery is delivered through a video series that teach individuals how to perform stretches and exercises safely and effectively. The series covers all work types, from repetitive and manual handling work to more sedentary job roles.

First Move Recovery can be modified to fit many purposes:

  • Warm-up programs

  • Early discomfort management

  • Exercises following repetitive, sedentary or heavy work


Delivery Method

First Move Recovery can be delivered in several ways:

External Trainer

A Provention Trainer delivers the programme directly to your team

Online Resource

Individuals can access directly online

Your team can use in group training or can develop into Apps 


Example of a First Move Recovery Exercise


Example of a First Move Recovery Programme

This is a sample - only parts of the low back section are active.