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Become Physically Intelligent and avoid injury

Provention looks at the physical activities within a given workplace and considers sustainable ways to address the soft tissue/muscle-related injuries that are due to the high degree of physical activity in many job roles.

First Move equips your organisation with the right tools, so you can implement and maintain an effective Physical Movement Programme now and in the long-term.


Training Approach

All First Move programs engage workers and enable them to take responsibility for their own safety and well-being, as well as that of others.

First Move Manual Handling is a practical, interactive program that enables participants to discover what their current movement habits are, and what the consequences of these are.

We can then make positive changes to improve participants’ physical capabilities and physical intelligence to avoid strain and injury.

First Move Manual Handling is delivered through a combination of short video clips and practical interaction. Video can be personalised to your company, with photos and examples to re-enforce the First Move principals.


Delivery Method

First Move can be delivered in 2 ways:

An External Trainer

A Provention Trainer delivers the program directly to your staff.

Your Own Trainers

Train the Trainer approach

Provention trains members of your team so they can manage First Move internally. This approach has been designed for large corporates so they can implement a consistent, effective, safe and sustainable physical movement program.

An example of a First Move Chapter


Feedback from an 'in-house' First Move Trainer


Example of a First Move Support Resource

 This is a sample - only parts of the low back section are active