We have trainers nation-wide

We believe being physically intelligent is not just important for the workplace, but essential for everything in life, now and in the future. Because being physically intelligent means a better quality of life.

Provention recognises the need for workplace injury prevention and manual handling training programmes based on sound physical learning principles. We provide training in New Zealand and Australia through our First Move programmes to ensure your team practise safe working habits. 

Qualified, experienced health professionals

To achieve this, Provention has trainers across New Zealand. Every member of the Provention team is a qualified health professional with extensive industry experience. They are not just trainers – they all have years of experience and extensive knowledge on how the body works. They work in the real world every day to make workplaces safer.



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Alison Richmond


Dip. Phyty. PGDip. Phyty.

The founder of Provention, Alison qualified as a Physiotherapist in 1990, with a post graduate diploma in manipulative physiotherapy.

For more than 20 years, Alison has been working across a range of industries. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing, teaching and implementing effective manual handling and injury prevention strategies in the workplace. This means Alison truly understands what happens out there in the real world - not just a physiotherapy clinic.

Her passion for enabling people to prevent injuries by teaching them to become physically aware, combined with her interest in effective learning and habit formation has proved to be a winning combination - the creation of the First Move programmes. 

Alison is continuously striving to improve the First Move programmes and to improve people’s well-being and company effectiveness.


Anya Wood


Dip. Phyty. PGDip. Phyty.

Anya is our Auckland-based trainer and runs our programmes across NZ and Australia. She has a Diploma and a Post Graduate in Physiotherapy (MT). For the past 15 years Anya has specialised in sports and functional physiotherapy and has a passion for effective manual handling training.

Before joining our team four years ago, she worked in America and ran her own private practice in New Zealand.

Anya believes our training programmes work because they are physically interactive. They don't just rely on an expert telling you what is best for you. She loves knowing that what we do makes a difference to people who put their bodies on the line daily. 


Katie Croft


BPhty. HASANZ member.

Katie is our trainer for the Canterbury region. She has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Health. Her background is in musculoskeletal/ orthopaedic rehabilitation. As well as being a Provention Trainer, Katie also works in a private practice specialising in occupational health.

Katie loves seeing the change in attitude that occurs when someone does our First Move Programme and they learn that just a small physical adjustment can alleviate their discomfort. 

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Jane Lyall


Jane is our Trainer for Invercargill and Southland. A qualified Occupational Therapist, she has 17 years' experience and specialises in vocational rehabilitation. Jane believes the First Move Manual Handling programmes are highly effective at teaching adults how to improve their movement. She consistently receives positive feedback from participants. They say it is the most useful training they have attended and what they learn has has a significant impact on their ability to finish the working day with less pain and discomfort. 


Debbie Glendinning


Dip. OT, Post Grad Cert Rehab. HASANZ member.

Debbie is a Provention trainer for the Northland region. A qualified Occupational Therapist with 25 years' experience, she has spent 15 of those years in rehabilitation and injury prevention training.

Debbie is a strong advocate for enabling people to understand and take control of their bodies, as by doing so they reduce the risk of injury associated with manual handling work. 


Debbie Rafferty


Dip Occ Therapy, Post Grad Cert Rehab. HASANZ member.

Debbie is a Provention trainer for the Northland region. A qualified Occupational Therapist, her experience spans 34 years. She has worked in general medical and orthopaedics, specialised as a paediatric occupational and neurodevelopment therapist, worked in adult vocational rehabilitation for the CRS in Australia and established her own business in NZ doing vocational rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Debbie supports Provention programmes because she believes they make a difference to people who are traditionally hard to engage. They are also interactive and useful in many manual handling environments - work and out of work.



Hayley Laughton


DipOT. Hayley is our trainer for the Dunedin/Central Otago region. She has a Diploma in Occupational Therapy and over 20 years experience in vocational assessment and rehabilitation. Hayley has a special interest in assisting people back to work following injury. She believes the First Move Training has a real and lasting effect on how people approach tasks at work and at home. Even people who have attended manual handling training many times, can learn a new approach with First Move.

I got told today by our workshop manager that we have changed his life! He has been trying all sorts of tasks and found that he can really tell the difference now in what he is doing. This has even applied to the voluntary work he does marking out an athletic track!

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