Fulton Hogan

80% of our personal injuries arise from manual handling. We’ve had a lot of programmes over the years to address this problem but the one that has made the biggest difference is Provention with a 40% reduction in manual handling injuries.

Carl Stent, National Safety and Wellbeing Manager

Armaguard Group

I have been involved in Manual Handling Training sessions for 15 years.The First Move Training is the most practical and relevant I have been involved with. The techniques are explained well and demonstrated in a way that allows trainers to correct learner techniques immediately in an easy and safe environment.

Armaguard - First Move Trainer


We are focussed on improving our reporting so even thou the number of incidents has not reduced around manual handling related strains and sprains, the seriousness has. We also had a reduced cost of $80,000 in strain/Sprain injury costs.

Zero Harm Manager

Alliance Group Ltd

A very fun interactive manual handling training session taking people a variety of techniques required for performing specific tasks at our plant. We have seen encouraging and consistent results. After year 1 - a 46% reduction in strain/sprain injuries.  At year 2 – a further 22% reduction. 3 year mark another 19% reduction in strain/sprain injuries. I recommend the Provention First Move program to any business involved in manual handling.

Safety Training Officer, Lorneville Plant

Dept of Conservation

I just want to thank and commend the Department for running the First Move Manual Handling training course. I think this is one of the most valuable courses I have ever done in my life, and wish I had learnt it at primary school. Although I am office based, this course will help in all areas of my life.



First Move is on the weekly Tool Box Meeting agenda.

Staff have enjoyed the training, embraced the changes and are enjoying the benefits.

A lot of the staff have gone home and trained their children on how to lift, bend, carry etc.

Carters First Move Trainer

Pernod Ricard

The training went very well, all the vineyard hands engaged and I believe they enjoyed the sessions. I thought the trainer did a fantastic job of engaging with all those who attended. Initially there were supposed to be only 6 who could attend the final session, however it was so popular they all wanted to attend.

Health and Safety Manager

Cloudy Bay Vineyards

The production team and myself learnt a lot from you and we will be certainly putting into practice what you have told us. The most important thing of your visit was the immediate difference that all the staff felt on your instruction on how to use their bodies correctly when doing any manual handling activities.

Linda Roughan

Fulton Hogan

I got told today by our workshop manager that we have changed his life! He has been trying all sorts of tasks and found that he can really tell the difference now in what he is doing. This has even applied to the voluntary work he does marking out an athletic track!

Fulton Hogan First Move Trainer