Preventing injuries in your workplace

Workplace injuries are far too common. They cost businesses in New Zealand and Australia billions in lost productivity every year.

Manual handling is the biggest cause.
Companies are obliged to manage risks. Perhaps naturally, they focus on the big stuff first – things that are likely to cause serious injury. But manual handling is the single biggest cause of injury, yet these types of injury are largely preventable. So, what can you do?



Understanding Physical Intelligence

Provention provides companies with First Move, a suite of four training programmes designed to prevent movement injuries in the workplace. These programmes are based around the concept of Physical Intelligence. Physical Intelligence considers the connection between the body and the brain. It involves learning how to listen to the body’s subtle signs and responding to these in effective ways. That little twinge in your shoulder shouldn’t be ignored. It’s an early warning sign.



Proven training tailored to your needs

Because your workplace is unique, we can tailor a programme to fit your needs (and even brand it as your own). First, we listen to your unique story. Then we combine our knowledge with First Move to design bespoke training programmes that best suits you. With an understanding of the neuroscience behind habit formation, we teach people new, correct movement habits and embed them, so they become automatic and life-long.

You’ll find Provention training is communicated clearly in easy-to-understand language to ensure employees ‘get’ the training and the desired outcomes are achieved. Plus, to keep staff are engaged, we make sure training is fun.



Adapted to your organisation or industry

Our First Move programmes are unique to Provention and can be adapted to suit any size organisation in any industry.

With smaller groups, Provention conducts the training. In larger organisations, we work with a dedicated staff member to ‘Train the Trainer.’ That staff member, in turn, trains your staff. If you can’t do a full programme, we’ll adapt the training and select the most important components your organisation needs (for example, supermarkets need twisting and lifting).

Plus, we keep the training active in your workplace by appointing a champion – a First Move Enforcer – whose role is to remind staff of the learnings from the training.

When it comes to embedding physical intelligence in the workplace, no company is more experienced, better qualified or passionate than Provention.



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Safe injury-avoiding movement techniques.

First Move equips your organisation with tools, so you can implement and maintain an effective sustainable resourced Physical Movement Programme.

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Common-sense safety at your workstation.

First Move Office equips your office workers with practical knowledge and confidence to self-manage your comfort and safety at your workstation.

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Keeping flexible and strong for safe movement.

First Move Recovery is a work-fit programme that your workers can easily do at home and work to relieve muscle tension and fatigue from repetitive and heavy duties.

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A comprehensive injury-prevention programme for any organisation involved in patient care.

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First Move Action can be used before and/or after experiencing pain and discomfort.

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