sprain and strain from manual handling.

  • Improve individuals' physical wellbeing for all areas of their life
  • Reduce injury and injury related costs
  • Have fewer absences from work and less disruption
  • Retain skilled employees for longer
  • Improve morale
  • Optimise efficiency and performance of work
Workplace statistics show that the most common injury resulting in more than a week off work is muscular stress from manual handling.

Without a proven method to address manual handling injuries, the consequence will be ongoing injuries, measurable costs, loss of productivity and an impact on the well-being of your employees’ lives.

History shows that most manual handling training doesn’t work because the majority of programmes aren’t focused on changing people’s habits. So, if you’ve arrived here looking for an effective way of addressing strain-related injuries in your workplace, we have the solution for you that is going to work.

We get feedback on how great our First Move programmes are because they change habits

Our programmes are different - it’s not your stock-standard stuff from the past.

Forget what you know about ‘lifting training,’ ‘manual handling training’ and ‘bend your knees’ – they just don’t work;
neither does one-off ‘training,’ where the content quickly gets forgotten.

Suited to your 
organisation’s needs

We have a range of delivery methods which may be adapted to suit the needs and budget of your organisation:
  • Train the Trainers: 
    for organisations that want to manage a manual training programme in-house, without the reliance on an external provider.
  • Provention Trainer: 
    for organisations that want training delivered directly to staff by a Provention manual handling expert.
  • Online Training: 
    training delivered through video and competency-based questions.

Talk with us about a First Move programme to suit your needs

Practical and interactive training that makes sense

Physical learning practices are best taught by doing and comparing, not just watching and theory. Our interactive learning style ensures that employees are actively engaged and understand how to apply simple principles to all aspects of their life. Your team will thank you for investing in their physical well-being and giving them lifelong skills.

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, employers must make sure employees can stay healthy and safe at work. Employers must “take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the safety and health of employees and others while at work.” One of these steps is to identify and control manual handling hazards.
Food Production Factory

The feedback from First Move has been outstanding. We have had staff that regularly went home with a sore back/body that are seeing up to a 90% reduction in discomfort. Couldn't be happier with the result, especially now that we are in peak processing heading into Christmas.

- Josh Rea, Warehouse Manager, Pet Direct
Back pain building

Embed safe movement practices

First Move Manual Handling is more than a one-off training programme. With over 15 years of experience working with New Zealand and Australian businesses, we understand that for sustainable results, there needs to be buy-in at ALL levels, from senior leadership to employees performing the manual handling activities.

We are experts in safe movement and preventing injuries and your employees are the experts in the activities and challenges of your business. First Move combines this expertise to ensure the programme fits your business and its people’s needs.

We incorporate habit-building principles into our programmes to ensure safe manual handling practices are embedded within organisations. This makes our training engaging and establishes long-term results.

Examples of our Safe Movement Principles


Companies we've worked with

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Provention’s First Move programmes equip individuals with the knowledge to move, think and look after their physical well-being, creating habitual movement and preventing injury.
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