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First Move.
Programmes that work.

Provention’s First Move programmes equip individuals with the knowledge to move, think and look after their physical well-being, creating habitual movement and preventing injury.
Manual Handling Supermarket

Manual Handling

Our engaging and practical Safe Movement Programme. Proven to improve individuals’ physical well-being and reduce manual handling injuries and related costs.
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Drivers Muscle Strain


Address’s the unique physical demands of Drivers.
Including advice on sitting comfort, manual handling relating to driving and stretches to combat the effects of stationary postures.
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Warm Up

Warm-up regimes personalised to your business.
Short 5-minute pre-start exercises that prepare the body for the physical demands of the day.
Recovery Exercises


Team access to exercises addressing the body area’s where they are experiencing discomfort. 
Low Back, neck, shoulders, forearms and wrists.

Working from home

Office / WFH

Forget sitting up straight!!
A commonsense approach to getting comfortable at your workstation to avoid strain and discomfort.


Manual Handling.

Our training is tailored to the needs of your organisation.
Our services include:
  • Train the Trainers: for organisations that want to manage a manual training programme in-house, without the reliance on an external provider.
  • Provention Trainer: for organisations that want training delivered directly to staff by a Provention manual handling expert.
  • Online Training: training delivered through video and competency-based questions.
Manual Work


First Move for Drivers improves the physical wellbeing and comfort of individuals who spend extended periods of time driving.

All First Move programmes are interactive and enable individuals to take responsibility for their own safety and wellbeing, while learning how to prevent strain and injury.
First Move components addressed are:
  • Setting up driving posture and seat position.
  • First Move Manual Handling principles applied to driving:
       ・Arm position on steering wheel.
       ・Twisting while seated.
       ・Pulling into cab (if truck driver).
  • First Move Recovery applied to driving:
    Exercises and stretches to improve mobility and relieve tension from long periods sitting.

Warm Up.

Warm-Up programmes are a valuable component of an effective injury prevention strategy. For minimal time investment they provide proven benefits in reducing strain-sprain injuries.
At Provention we believe warm-up programmes need to:
  • Be dynamic and move all the major joints and muscles.
  • Be specific to the activities individuals are doing during their day.
  • Change often to maintain attention and prevent boredom.
  • Takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Re-enforce the safe movement principles learnt in manual handling training.
  • Be done anywhere without the need for equipment.
  • Have clear instructions to ensure no one is injured.


Keeping flexible and strong for safe movement.

First Move Recovery is an engaging work-fit programme that your workforce can easily do at work and out of work to relieve discomfort and muscle tension.
Suitable for all working environments from heavy or repetitive manual handling to sedentary and office job roles.

The Recovery programme gives exercises based on the body areas. Low back, upper back, neck, shoulders, wrists/forearms and legs.

Instruction is via photos and video’s that teach individuals how to perform stretches and exercises safely and effectively.

First Move Recovery can be delivered by one of our trainers or our online resources.


First Move Office is an interactive programme that equips individuals with the practical knowledge and confidence to self manage their own physical wellbeing at their workstation.

The programme covers at work and working from home environments.

First Move Office may be delivered by a Provention trainer, train-trainers or as an online programme.
First Move Office is not your traditional ‘sit up straight’ instruction. It focuses on how to obtain comfortable and supported postures at the workstation, alongside emphasising the importance of regular movement to address the consequences of stationary postures.

Like all First Move programmes it promotes the principles of the physically intelligence – how to listen to the bodies early warning signs and make practical changes to avoid strain and injury and improve physical wellbeing.
Provention’s First Move programmes equip individuals with the knowledge to move, think and look after their physical well-being, creating habitual movement and preventing injury.
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