Newly Launched - First Move Online

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An online programme that teaches the principles of safe movement to address the risks and consequences of manual handling

We’ve worked with many businesses over the years - helping them to instil safe movement behaviours in their workforce and reduce manual handling related injuries - with our First Move programme. To achieve this success the foundations of First Move have been a physical and practical interactive training. 

However, over the years there has been a need for a web-based programme that acts as a refresher or induction for employees or even as a stand-alone tool that can be used as part of an injury prevention programme.

So we’ve developed the First Move Online Competency Programme. 

The most effective use of First Move Online is a support programme for the interactive, practical First Move Manual Handling. 

It can also be used by businesses as a stand-alone training or an initial introduction to the First Move series.  

The programme is an online training platform which can be accessed on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

If you’d like a snapshot of the programme you can click the link below to view one of the principles; Twisting:

It consists of 9 Short Modules. 

Each module has:

  • A 1-minute video outlining a First Move principle

  • Photo examples relating to the First Move Principle

  • Questions relating to the First Move Principles that test competency and understanding of each principle

The programme should take between 15-20 minutes to complete.

Employees will receive a certificate at completion and companies receive monthly reports on employee completion.