How To Get Out Of A Vehicle To Avoid Straining Your Lower Back

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This months' ‘move tip’ is about how to take care of your back getting out of a vehicle.

Many of us spend extended periods of time in our vehicles. 

Long periods of driving puts tension on the muscles and discs of the lower back.

This is due to a couple of key things:

  • Extended time in one position and the associated muscle tightness

  • 'Vibration/jarring' force through muscles, joints and specifically, discs in the lower back.

Due to this 'vibration/jarring' force, the discs in the lower back become ‘fatigued and sensitive’ after long periods of driving.   

If you then get out of your vehicle and twist through the lower back, you are at risk of a serious lower back injury.

Sitting and standing are the same in that you need to move your feet to avoid twisting – your toes need to face the same direction as your nose.

A common habit is to twist the top half first (so your nose is facing out the door and your feet are still straight ahead). This places twisting stress on the lower back and is a risk of injury.

To avoid this twisting stress – move your feet first - so your toes and nose are in the same direction.