The Lower Back Is Not Designed To Twist

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Our First Move principles teach people how to use their bodies safely and effectively to avoid physical strain and injury. These principles apply in all aspects of our lives be it work, home, sport and recreation.

This month’s article is about the importance of moving your feet to take care of your back.

Herniated/Ruptured Discs (commonly called Slipped Discs) frequently occur in the lower back. They are very painful and debilitating injuries.

This injury is commonly caused by placing twisting stress on the lower discs of the spine.

The lower five joints of the spine are not designed to twist. They are designed to go forwards and backwards and side to side BUT not for twisting.

To avoid twisting the lower back you need to move your feet. When you move your feet – your toes will follow the same direction as your nose.  

When your feet don’t move and you twist - your toes will not follow the same direction as your nose. This is a sure sign that there is twisting stress on your lower back and you put yourself at risk of injury.

The danger comes when this twisting action is:

  • Done repetitively - for example, stacking firewood or stacking shelves

  • Done with a heavy weight - for example, getting something heavy out of the boot of the car

To take care of your back - move your feet. Your toes should follow your nose.