Why chairs are wreaking havoc on our bodies


In many cultures, 70-year-olds can still squat like children.

Children in the Western world start sitting in chairs and stop squatting as part of their daily physical movement when they start school. This has all sorts of long-term physical consequences.   

The flat foot squat (also known as the child or Asian squat), is a natural human movement that we should all be doing daily.

Many activities like long periods of sitting, driving and repetitive heavy activities put tension on our hips, back and neck.

The buildup of that tension is a common cause of strain and injury if it’s not released.

Why we need to be squatting regularly

There are several reasons but the main one is the chair. Created for work and modern life – it’s the main reason we’ve stopped squatting regularly and this wreaks havoc on our bodies.

If you look at other cultures where squatting is the norm, you’ll see 60, 70, 80-year-olds – doing it as part of their daily physical routine.

The flat foot squat is important as it helps to keep your hip joints healthy and avoid arthritis.

It also helps to relieve tension in the discs, muscles and joints in your back.

If you can still squat down with your feet flat – do it daily – it’s a fabulous activity to ease tensions in your body and maintain your mobility.

If you haven’t done a flat-footed squat for a while, watch the video and the instructions fully, before you give it a go.

Avoid this squat if you have knee injuries and as always, stop if you feel any discomfort.

Click here to watch the video on the flat foot squat.