Back pain? Try this simple stretch


Keeping up with the demands of the modern world has been a challenge for the human body.

Common consequences are that people spend a large amount of time sitting and/or large amounts of time bending or leaning forward. 

Your hip flexors pay the price for these repetitive or sedentary postures.

“I haven’t got sore hips”, you say.

Think again!

Click the link below to keep reading and to watch how to do a great stretch for your hip flexors and your back.

Tight hip flexors are one of the main contributors to back pain.

At one end these muscles attach to the front of your hip but at the other end, they attach directly to your spine.

When you're sitting, these muscles are in a shortened position and become tight.

The same goes if you’re in a bent over position. When these muscles get tight, they put pressure on your lower back.

The frustrating thing is that when you get back pain these muscles tighten up even more!

Stretching these muscles regularly is so important if you want to take care of your back.

There's a simple stretch you can add into your daily routine to help keep your hip flexors flexy.

You can watch how to do the stretch in the link below.

Hold each stretch for at least one minute each side – stop if you feel any pain.

Click here to watch how to do a stretch that could help your back pain

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