Avoid strain-related injuries


If you want to be good at any skill – study the experts in the field.

We know this to be a sensible thing to do and we do it in many aspects of our lives.

Why then do we not apply these principles to manual handling training?

The manual handling experts are in every industry. They’re right in front of us. These experts are the people doing repetitive and heavy tasks day in and day out – with ease and without injury.

Think about it:

Why do some workers get injuries while others who do exactly the same tasks don’t?

For example:

  • Why does one worker get carpal tunnel using a knife in the meat works while his workmate doesn’t?

  • Why does one worker stacking crates get back pain but another doesn’t

  • Why is it that one office worker suffers from neck pain and headaches but their collegue doesn’t?

The fact is, only a small number of people in the workplace naturally know how to adapt to their environment. In doing so, they avoid long-term, strain-related injuries.

The uninjured person is the physical expert.

These experts are Physically Intelligent. They have learnt how to adapt their techniques and use safe movement habits.

This means they can do repetitive and heavy tasks without taking on strain or getting injured.

So, it makes sense to study the Physically Intelligent and learn from them.

With the right training process in place, this knowledge can be transferred to all your workers and that means a workforce without strain and injury.