Which Mouse is the Right Mouse?

Finding a suitable mouse for your workstation is crucial in ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment.

People often ask “which is the best mouse” as they have associated continuous mouse use with discomfort in the wrist, forearm, elbow, neck, and shoulder. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution and simply changing your mouse may not be enough to reduce tension in your arm. Nonetheless, I can provide some general guidelines.

Figure 1: Standard Mouse

Typically, the ‘standard mice’ are too small for most people’s hands. As a result, users tend to grip and claw at the mouse while using it. This action can strain the hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow. Moreover, the shape of the mouse forces the forearm to pronate (rotate inward), pushing the elbow away from the body. This rotation contributes to strain in the neck, shoulder, and upper back.

suitable mouse

Figure 2: Vertical Mouse

There are various types of vertical mice available. The concept behind this design is to position the forearm with the thumb pointing upwards, which limits rotation and brings the elbow closer to the body. By eliminating the clawing action, this position reduces strain on the hand, wrist, forearm, and other associated areas. Additionally, bringing the elbow closer to the body helps alleviate strain on the neck, shoulder, and upper back. While using this type of mouse may require some adjustment, it can greatly improve your working comfort.

vertical mouse

Figure 3: Contoured Mouse

The contoured mouse positions the hand between the standard and vertical mouse.  For many this option is easier to adapt to than a vertical mouse. It is larger than a standard mouse, allowing the palm to rest on the mouse and eliminating the need for excessive gripping and clawing. The contoured shape also rotates the forearm outward, bringing the elbow closer to the body and reducing overreaching. This adjustment helps alleviate tension in the neck, shoulder, and upper back.

contoured mouse

Personally, I recommend the Goldtouch Newtral 3 Wireless mouse, as it comes in three different sizes and offers options for both right and left-handed users. Please note that I am not affiliated with or benefit from the purchase of this product.

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