Successful Manual Handling Training – Step 4

In the past month I have been sharing the methodology that we use at Provention to develop manual handling programmes that are effective. This week, I will discuss the final stage of this process, which is aimed at equipping individuals with Safe Movement Habits, or facilitating them becoming Physically Intelligent. When individuals are ‘Physically Intelligent,’ they possess the necessary skills to utilize their bodies efficiently and prevent strains and injuries.

Thus far, we have covered Steps 1-3, which were:

Step 1: Acquiring the appropriate knowledge

Step 2: Implementing the correct learning process

Step 3: Applying the principles to real-life examples.

Pathway to safe movement habits

As depicted in the diagram, the first three steps encompass Knowledge Acquisition. Unfortunately, merely possessing knowledge or having an understanding of principles does not automatically translate into the correct action.

The final step in the Pathway to Safe Movement Habits is PRACTICE.  To create any new habit or modify an existing one, practice is essential. Sufficient practice builds on Acquired Knowledge and transforms it into Skill Mastery.

The challenge lies in the fact that our subconscious nervous system is firmly ingrained with our current habits. Therefore, when individuals stop consciously focusing, they will revert back to their existing habits automatically. The key to establishing new habits is to practice consistently, in small increments.  ‘Little and often’ is the key.

We work with our clients to create opportunities that serve as reminders for individuals to practice. Some ideas include:

  • Toolbox Talks
  • Warm-Up exercises
  • Cues to practice
  • Post-injury exercises
  • TV reminders in lunchrooms
  • Safety conversations.

Unfortunately, many skill learning programmes primarily focus on providing individuals with information and understanding, but they neglect the necessary steps to ensure the programmes’ sustainability and success. At Provention, we focus on adherence to our tried and tested pathway system for Manual Handling Training and our results speak for themselves.

If you have any questions regarding the Pathway to Safe Movement Habits, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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