Lost Art Of Bending Over: How Other Cultures Spare Their Spines

Those of you familiar with our First Move principles will know that we have advocated moving at your hips for the past 2 decades and have not supported the long-standing (and unproven) mantra of ‘keep your back straight, bend your knees’ that has been mainstream in the injury prevention space for far too long.

How other cultures spare their spines

The principles of hip lead movement has been based on studying the expert model; children, the uninjured population as well as traditional cultures that have lived life void of instruction from the ‘modern world’.

This short article is worth a read and re-enforces many of the principles we have seen work in practice over the years.

Experience has shown us from teaching 10’s of thousands of people to move at their hips this way of moving can be literally life changing.  It’s nothing new age – just going back to moving the way humans are designed to move.

Take a look at this interesting article by clicking here

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