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Provention: Reduce muscular injuries caused by manual handling

At Provention, we are always looking for additional ways to embed best practice manual handling. 

Over the past few months, we have been developing a dynamic multi-media resource to support the First Move Manual Handling programme. We are excited to introduce the Habit Maker Toolkit. The toolkit offers 12 months of excellent content, informative ‘team talk’ guides, newsletters, video clips and posters for our clients to embed long-term habit changes with their team/s. 

Research dictates that habit change requires constant attention. Our easy-to-use resource kit allows you to continue reinforcing safe movement behaviour long after your First Move Manual Handling training has taken place.   

We want to help you keep that valuable training top of mind and amplify retention!

Find out more about the First Move Habit Maker Toolkit by clicking here

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Provention’s First Move programmes equip individuals with the knowledge to move, think and look after their physical well-being, creating habitual movement and preventing injury.
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