Prevent strain-sprain injuries doing active tasks at home.

Many of us are keeping sane by doing physical chores at home. Activities such as gardening, cleaning out the garage, spring cleaning and moving furniture around. Doing these types of activities and keeping busy is great for our mental as well as our physical well-being, but unfortunately many people injure themselves as well.

Prevent strain-sprain injuries
Prevent strain-sprain injuries
Prevent strain-sprain injuries

The First Move programme outlines Safe Movement principles doing any physical activity – whether it be at work, at home or recreation.

This link outlines one of the First Move principles – the Power Position. The Power Position outlines how to use your shoulders effectively for strength and to avoid strain and injury on your back, neck and shoulders.

Once you open the link – click on the Shoulders section.
Shoulders – Power Position

It is interactive and can be done at home and shared with family members and other ‘bubble buddies.’ Feel free to share this information onwards.

Any other questions about preventing injures and improving physical well-being, please contact Alison.

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Provention’s First Move programmes equip individuals with the knowledge to move, think and look after their physical well-being, creating habitual movement and preventing injury.
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