Are you getting back pain working from home?


Working from Home comes with its ‘upsides and downsides.’ One of the downsides is that most people are sitting for longer periods and are moving around less than they are in the office environment.

A common consequence is low back pain from tight hip flexors.
The hip flexors are a group of muscles at the front of your hip that are in a shortened state when the body is in a seated position. 
These muscles attach into the low back and often cause stress and pain when they become tight. 

Doing this one stretch morning and night is a great remedy to ‘undo the consequences’ of long periods of sitting and relieve pressure on the low back.

There is a simple diagram below as well as this link to an instructive video. Pass it on to your team Working from Home – they will thank you for it. 

back pain exercises

▪Both hands inside front foot.

▪Front knee moves forwards and outwards

▪Back hip pushes forwards and down towards floor.

▪Hold 30 secs. X 2 each side.

TIP: Keep eyes looking down to hands. If hands can’t reach floor place box under hands. 

For more stretches and advise to help your team stay physically healthy while working from home, contact Alison Richmond from Provention.

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