Introducing wearable technology

Provention is excited to announce that we are now working with leading-edge wearable technology from Preventure to further support our clients in mitigating workplace injury risk.

As a veteran in injury prevention and as the founder of the successful First Move programme, I am fortunate to get exposure to industry leaders at the heart of technology and software developments to prevent workplace injury. Preventure is paving the way in Physical Movement Science technology, and our partnership builds on the services I provide to our clients to improve the physical wellbeing of their employees. The Preventure platform includes wearable sensors, validated movement data, and injury risk scores complementing the First Move principles. This partnership expands our service offering to you.

Wearable Technology | Provention 

The wearable technology incorporates sophisticated sensors developed by Scott Coleman from Preventure. Scott is a highly respected physiotherapist with 20 years of experience working with elite athletes. After seeing too many devastating workplace injuries, Scott transferred his expertise to preventing injuries in the workplace.

How does wearable technology contribute to better injury prevention?

Wearable technology sensors are small, light, and easy to apply.   Small units are placed on the upper back and arm to measure movement. The unit transmits real-time data, and we collect and analyse this information, which is easily applied to a range of injury prevention investigations and solutions.

Low Level of Disruption for Workers 

Many workers on the frontline have been under stress due to staffing shortages due to the impact of Covid19. Fatigue, absenteeism and staff turnover can be a recipe for injury. Preventure wearable technology is ideal for positively focusing on worker wellbeing without creating disruptions.

Valuable outcomes of data collection analysis include:

  • Task Analysis,
  • Job Modification
  • Technique Training 
  • Individual Awareness
  • Learn from the experts – the uninjured worker

How you ever wondered how uninjured individuals move compared to those that are getting pain and injury? We can use the sensors to collect data from uninjured workers and compare the data with those who get pain or injury. We can use this information to train other workers to perform their tasks in the same effective way

  • Habit Change

Individuals can use wearable technology to reduce their injury risks. Sensors provide live feedback throughout a work shift when they move in a way that increases their injury risk. This prompts good movement techniques and, ultimately, long-term safe habits.

I am deeply committed to creating improved safety outcomes for your workplace, and it is exciting to have wearable technology as a dynamic tool in our kit. 

Please feel welcome to call me on 0274950045 to learn how Provention can use this technology to enhance your workplace injury prevention programme.

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