Don’t get hurt when you return to work.

It has been well documented that many people suffer injuries when returning to work after a long break. Provention has a resource aimed at giving individuals the knowledge and skills to prevent injuries occurring after Lockdown. It is targeted at those workers doing physical job roles, that have gone from ‘full on’ to ‘full off’. This resource is aimed at making them ‘match fit,’ so their transition back to work is injury free.

This video resource can be delivered as a link today, and is a one-off cost of $950 + GST.

The resource covers:

  • Why keeping active in lockdown is important to ensure you don’t get injured when you return to work:
    • The video provides a link to a short exercise programme that individuals can do at home to prevent de-conditioning.
    • Businesses are provided with further exercise regimes to share with their employees.
  • Importance of Warm-Ups in preventing injuries:
    • The video outlines x 3 Warm-Up exercises and viewers are encouraged to stop the video and do the exercises.
  • Importance of techniques when doing physical activities:
    • Individuals are encouraged to use this time away from work to practice the First Move techniques to develop safe movement habits.
    • Video reminders of the First Move Principles.

Best of all, individuals are encouraged to share the video with their bubble and help all family members prevent injuries.

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Provention’s First Move programmes equip individuals with the knowledge to move, think and look after their physical well-being, creating habitual movement and preventing injury.
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