Since commencing First Move we have had a 46% reduction in strain/sprain related injuries across the plant. The programme has been supported at all levels of the business and the First Move principles are continuously being re-inforced at every opportunity. I recommend the Provention First Move programme to any business involved in manual handling.

Alliance Group Ltd Lornvilee Plant

Kensington Hospital has found First Move extremely helpful for our clinical setting. We send all our workers (from nurses through to cleaners) on it as an injury prevention measure. We like way the techniques are taught. They are easy to apply in a clinical setting and will ultimately keep staff safe when working in various areas around the hospital. I would highly recommend this training session for anyone whose work involves bending, lifting, pushing and pulling etc.

Quality and Education Co-Ordinator Kensington Hospital

Training feedback and results have been very positive. Thanks for giving us the skills to change peoples habits of a lifetime.

Large Australian Retail Chain

A very fun interactive training session taking people through a variety of techniques required for preforming specific tasks here at our plant. After all our new employees (400+) and some high risk existing employees going through First Moves training we have seen a 40% reduction in strain/sprain injuries.

Safety Training Officer, Alliance Group Ltd, Lorneville Plant

I just want to thank and commend the Department for running the First Move training course. I think this is one of the most valuable courses I have ever done in my life, and wish I had learnt it at primary school. Although I am office based, this course will improve my quality of life, health and fitness in and outside of work. I have also shared my learning with many family and friends outside of work. This course is revolutionary.

Dept of Conservation Employee

Great session, even got the crusty old buggars enjoying themselves and getting involved in the activities, that's a first! - Grant They seemed really surprised that they got so much out of the training. - Paul Wish I'd been told this 30 years ago. - David

Hirepool First Move

The training has been a great success. The instances of back strains have reduced to practically none and when people that haven't completed the course yet have complained of pain or discomfort from doing a task, people that have completed the course have offered advice on how to change things to make it easier.

Health and Safety Assa Abloy NZ Ltd

First Move is on the weekly Tool Box Meeting agenda. Staff have enjoyed the training and embraced the changes and enjoying the benefits. A lot of the staff have gone home & trained their children on how to lift, bend, carry etc.

Carters First Move

Since your sessions in Christchurch, the start of shift meetings have had a massive improvement in the quality and duration of the warm up exercises.

Coca Cola Amatil Manager

I had an employee approach me from Sunrock Quarry and he said that he was completing a screen change the following day where he had to complete work with tools above him, he said by being aware of the position of his arm, chicken wing and fish wing, helped heaps with the strain he usually feels doing the same task.

Robyn Pass. SHE Coordinator Sunshine Coast Aggregates, Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd 

The workers report its been the best training session they have had. Its been so applicable they take it home, its not just orientated to their work life.

Pam Medhurst, Health and Safety Trainer, Fulton Hogan

The production team and myself learnt a lot from you and we will be certainly putting into practice what you have told us. The most important thing of your visit was the immediate difference that all the staff felt on your instruction on how to use their bodies and the improvement in staff morale.

Linda Roughan, Bottling Line Supervisor Cloudy Bag Vineyards

We are seeing a good reduction in strains and sprains this year compared to last year. The training is having a positive effect!

Quality and Safety Manager, Air Conditioning Company

The training went very well, all the vineyard hands engaged and I believe they enjoyed the sessions. I thought the trainer did a fantastic job of engaging with all those who attended. Initially, there were supposed to be only 6 who could attend the final session, for a variety of excuses, so I was quite surprised to find the full complement of employees from the two grumpiest and gnarliest vineyards all 11 of them); I do believe that the word had got out to them about the nature of the training and how much it had to offer (Not like our guys to turn up for training voluntary).

Health and Safety Manager, Pernod Ricard

I found Alison really good and having information to take away with us was really important too. Very practical and relevant to my working day. Well delivered, professional training.

Department of Conservation Worker

All individuals that I have spoken to are catching themselves at times in the wrong position, and correcting themselves, and I myself are using the techniques all the time in my everyday life as well as at work. I was really impressed with the day and I think in particular how you demonstrated correct and wrong techniques that I could relate to.

Cheers Darryl, Territory Business Manager, Goodman Fielder

I got told today by Paul (our workshop manager) that we have changed his life! He has been trying all sorts of tasks particularly thinking about the power side of his hand and chicken wings, and found that he can really tell the difference now in what he is doing. This has even applied to the voluntary work he does marking out an athletic track. He thought he had altered the machine really well after using it a lot last year but now has some new ideas.

Fulton Hogan Trainer

We commenced training in May and we have just had our first month (June) in the past 12months  that we have had no reported LTI's.


We are focussed on improving our reporting so even thou the number of incidents has not reduced around strains and sprains, the seriousness has. We also had a reduced cost of $80,000 in strain/Sprain injury costs.

Zero Harm Manager, Downer

In July 2012 First Move was introduced to Gough. By May 2014 the TIFR had reduced by 69%. In large part First Move shifted the goal posts on preventative solutions to muscular skeletal injuries being experienced in the work place.

Gough Group