First Move

workplace injury prevention

Inspire change, reduce injuries and reap the financial rewards.

Provention’s First Move programmes awaken physical intelligence. Some people are naturally in tune with their bodies and can do physical tasks repetitively, without sustaining an injury. However the vast majority of people need to be enlightened.

  • Our programmes are run by qualified physio and occupational therapists and supported with engaging multimedia tools. Our trainers work on the principles of Conscious Competence. A learning model used by elite athletes to change their physical behaviours to improve performance.
  • Here's some feedback from workers just like yours.

First Move Manual Handling

Fundamentals of Safe Movement

First Move equips companies with the tools to implement and maintain an effective sustainable resourced Physical Movement Programme. Here's an example of a First Move Chapter , feedback from a First Move Trainer and an outline of First Move Objectives.

First Move Recovery

Keeping Flexible and Strong for Safe Movement

First Move Recovery is a work fit programme that workers can easily do at work and at home to relieve muscle tension and fatigue from repetitive, sustained and heavy duties. Here's an outline of First Move Recovery Objectives.

First Move Office

Common sense safety at your workstation

First Move Office equips people with the practical knowledge and confidence to self-manage comfort at their workstation. First Move Office Objectives.

First Move Patient Handling

A comprehensive injury-prevention programme for any organisation involved in patient care

First Move Patient Handling uses the accepted guidelines for moving and handling people as a baseline teaching tool. However, it enhances training by introducing the core principles of safe movement and applying these to the specific tasks required in patient handling. Tasks like moving patients, using lifting aids, bending, leaning and twisting – to name a few.

The programme uses techniques to teach the worker how to look after their bodies in a way that is interactive and easy to remember - creating physical intelligence whilst ensuring the safety of the patient/client.

Training delivery can be via a Train/Trainer approach or one of the Provention team delivering directly to your workers.

First Move Action

Everyday use of Safe Movement to build autopilot habits

First Move Action can be used before and/or after experiencing pain and discomfort. The video shows an example of a First Move Action Resource.