New mobile training apps support change


Commitment to change – this is the most important aspect of manual handling training. To help people swap unsafe movement habits for safe ones they need practice and encouragement. This change needs to come from and be supported by all levels of the business. Without this support, manual handling training will fail to make long-term changes.

We understand that it can be difficult to implement systems and processes that encourage people to change unsafe movement habits. We have a range of tools to support long-term changes. Our latest tools are two new apps for computers, phones and tablets. These are specifically designed to easily support our First Move training modules in the field and embed the principles of safe movement - reducing injuries long-term.

Benefits of our safe-movement support apps

  • Self- management tools
  • Early discomfort intervention
  • Warm-up and exercise routines
  • Toolbox talks and education


Supported training programmes

1. First Move Manual Handling

This app supports the principles learnt in the First Move Programme. It provides practical tips and videos on all manual handling actions such as pushing, pulling, lifting and working above shoulder height.

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2. First Move Recovery

This app has a series of sitting and standing exercises and stretches aimed at reducing tension in specific parts of the body. For example, pain in the lower back, upper back and neck or headaches. The app has step-by-step instructions and videos.

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Contact us for more information about how we can help you implement effective injury-prevention techniques that help to reduce strain related injuries long-term.

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