• New mobile training apps support change

    We understand that it can be difficult to implement systems and processes that encourage people to change unsafe movement habits. We have a range of tools to support long-term changes. Our latest tools are two new apps for computers, phones and tablets. These are specifically designed to easily support our First Move training modules in the field and embed the principles of safe movement – reducing injuries long-term.

  • New programme - First Move Patient Handling

    New programme - First Move Patient Handling

    We have launched First Move Patient Handling. This is a comprehensive injury-prevention programme for any organisation involved in patient care.

  • First Move Online - Resources in Development

    First Move Online - Resources in Development

    Do your people need a resource in the field to remind them how to avoid a costly injury? Check out our Resources section for First Move Online – new, from Provention.

  • Prevent injury with the correct core movements

    There are six core principles that provide the foundation for safe movement.

    These principles cover how to move with balance, breathe for power, move to twist, lift safely and use the hands and shoulders correctly. Understanding these principles enables us to safely bend, lean, reach, push, pull, twist, carry, grip and lift.

    The core principles are the building blocks of our First Move programme.

  • Why injury-prevention training needs to change under the new HSW ACT

  • Why sitting up straight can be bad for you

    Why sitting up straight can be bad for you

    Provention’s new programme – First Move Office – has launched.
    First Move Office is designed for corporate environments that have a workforce carrying out sedentary, desk or computer-based work.

  • Promotion - First Move Office

    Promotion - First Move Office

    Insights into our new Programme – First Move Office.

  • Sitting vs Standing

    Alison Richmond from Provention comments on an article.